About JoBreguen Vineyards

Every wine pairs well with laughter.

That’s why, out in the High Plains of West Texas, the Dill family works to help fill the world with both. JoBreguen Vineyards began as five acres of vines in 2008, making it among the first Terry County vineyards to be established.

David comes from a three-generation legacy of West Texas farmers, growing primarily cotton and peanuts before venturing into viticulture. He and his wife, Karla, have three sons: Joshua, Brenton, and Teaguen. JoBreguen Vineyards is named after their favorite one.

Since 2008

Over the last decade, Terry County vineyards have grown to produce more wine grapes than the rest of the state of Texas combined, leading the state legislature to officially recognize the area as the “Grape Capital of Texas.”

In 2015, David and Karla’s youngest son, Teague, formed a new farming operation, 2 Dollar Dill Farms. He invested in JoBreguen Vineyards, making him the fourth generation of Terry County farmers in the Dill family. In total, JoBreguen Vineyards has expanded to produce over 45 acres of premium wine grapes. And it all started with just 5.

Along with the vineyard, the Dill family has also grown in the last ten years. Karla and David are more commonly known as Nana and Peeps thanks to the addition of three granddaughters. The official number of family members fluctuates from 10 to 18 based on if vineyard residents, honorary members, and pets are included in the final tally. And it all started with just 5.